Friday, September 20, 2019

I'm baaaaaack!

It's taken a bit of time to get my art studio built and finished. My fabulous and talented husband put in all the electrical (he even put outlets under my craft table so I don't have cords running across the floor--I think he's afraid I'll trip and break my neck), drywall, baseboards, ceiling, window and door framing, hung my chandeliers, put in my AC/Heat unit, and the pine flooring! I've found ALL my boxes of supplies (over 60 boxes!) and unpacked all of them and finishing putting my ribbons in color order and hanging them on dowels attached to the end of one of the gorilla shelves which my daughter thought up.  This weekend I start indexing dies and stamps I purchased in the last year that were with me in Phoenix while the rest of my crafting supplies were in Kentucky. I have to tell you about craft's real.

I am blessed. I have a totally wonderful and patient husband who has done his very best to give me my own space...and I can't call it a crafty cabin since it's more than just crafts since I've taken up painting, too. And, when you look at it, it's not a 'cabin', either. It's a beautiful small house (minus a bathroom) with a mini refrigerator and microwave! My daughter, Stephanie, flew 2000  miles from Flagstaff, Arizona, and spent an entire week helping me organize the studio. Although we worked a lot of hours in there together, we did take time to sit and watercolor a picture of hydrangeas together with our favorite on-line artist, Sarah Cray of Let's Make Art. I was so sorry to see Stephanie leave to head back to Arizona and we're trying our best to bribe her to move out here to Kentucky.

My most favorite team, Craft-Dee BowZ, has welcomed me back and beginning December 1, you'll be seeing regular posts again here! I've got a head full of ideas, all my craft supplies handy and plan on blogging once more. I look forward to sharing my art with you and, in return, seeing yours!  I'm posting some photos of my art studio below. I had taken a video, but can't seem to upload here! If you are ever in my neck of the woods, please contact me at the e-mail on the right side of my blog. I'd love to share some time with you in my studio!

It's good to be back and when I took these photos 2 nights ago, I was still color organizing ribbons but I finished that last night!  I vow to never ever ever move again...and if I do, this cabin has to be moved AS IS. I don't ever want to do all this again!


  1. WhooHoo, welcome back, Gail . . . and now everyone (along with myself) are drooling over your exquisite, stunning, get-away-to-craft studio !! A perfect "home away from home", and you don't even have to pack any bags to enjoy it. Will be awaiting your fresh card results - I'm certain they'll be absolutely fantabulous, southern gal !!

  2. That looks an amazing space really looking forward to your wonderful cards Sending love Carole x