Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Liebster Award and Nominations

 Hi everyone!  Judy Corner has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award. This award helps bring awareness to blogs with less than 300 followers through a chain-mail-like, Q&A scenario. Normally, like Judy and most of you, I am not a chain-mail person, but this is a friendly, pass-it-forward kind of gesture that encourages support for one another and relationship with other bloggers. I feel it would be very unfair to say "no" to that, especially when I have so many lovely followers. 
Thank you so much for nominating me, Judy, and I'm honored!
Rules for participating in the Liebster Award:
  • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and answer the questions they presented;
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you;
  • Copy & paste the pink Liebster Award logo to your blog;
  • Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 300 followers. Create a new list of 11 questions for them; and
  • Inform them of their nomination.
Here are Judy's questions for me:
   1.  What aspect of your hobby do you enjoy the most?
         I get a sense of peace inside the rest of the world doesn't exist.
   2.   Do you have a favourite colour? 
         This is one of my favorites but I also like this color a whole lot.
   3.   What do you enjoy cooking the most?
         I don't have anything I love to cook, but I like eating what I do cook. :)
   4.   What do you do to relax?
         I love to garden and find that relaxing. I love to watch tv, but fall asleep watching it. Just being in my craft room is my haven and I feel relaxed in there.
   5.   Do you have anything you save or collect?
         Oh boy...lace, paper, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, paper a matter of fact, I collect and save too much stuff and recently made a card with some Maja paper I've been saving. Why do I save it? Cause it's pretty and I can't bear to use it!!!
   6.   Favorite drink?
        Iced tea.
   7.  What do you like to shop for the most?
        I can spend hours in the scrapbook store cruising the paper aisles.
   8.  How long have you had your blog?
        February 8, 2011...I had to go on my blog and go to my very first post to see when I started it.
   9.  What is your best crafty tip?
        Pick out your paper before you start coloring your image. At least that's what I do  now after coloring an image that I didn't have a piece of paper that blended nicely with it.
  10.  Do you have a favourite craft shop?
          I confess to having many favorites. I feel the need to spread my wealth to keep many craft shops in business.
  11.  What do you do with the cards you make?
          I use them!  I confess...I am full of confessions keeping some of my finished cards and admiring them for a while before I give them away.
My five nominations for the Liebster Award are (I apologize but I cannot list only 5 nominations. Each of the women below have made an impression on my life or art and each one deserves the nomination):
        Lillian at
        Lucy at
        Vivi at
        Shirley at
        Andrea at
        Malika at
        Diane at
Would you please stop by their blogs and say hello? Maybe you could become a Follower, too, which would really make their day! And to each of you above that I have named, you, your art, and/or your encouraging words are why my blog exists. I know that Vivi and Shirley have more than 300 followers, but they have been such a great inspiration to me!
My questions to the people I nominated are:
   1.   Are you on a design team, and if so, which ones?
   2.   Do you use punches or diecuts?
   3.   If you use diecuts, do you have a favorite brand?
   4.   Do you use a Cuttlebug, Sizzix or Grand Caliber, or what kind of diecutting machine?
   5.   What kind of coloring medium do you like the best?
   6.   Do you color your image and then find paper to match, or find the paper and then color the image?
   7.   How much shopping do you do across your pond?
   8.  What size cards do you make the most?
   9.   What's your favorite season to make cards for?
 10.   How do you find the challenges you enter, if you enter challenges?
 11.   Do you prefer digital or rubber (or acrylic) stamps the best?
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this!


  1. Thank you Gail for nominating me, thats extremely sweet of you and Im delighted. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. Thanks so much Gail! I am so thrilled! .

  3. Congratulations on your nomination, Gail! Those were some tough questions!! :) xx

  4. Thanks for participating Gail. I am pleased you have based your questions around our lovely hobby, just as i did. After all that is what it is all about. I love visiting your Blog and also being on the Dt with you. Happy Weekend. Judy x