Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I am a very disappointed cardmaker!

I've had a incident in a challenge at Love to Scrap where I won the challenge by the announcement here. However, the blog will not be giving me my prize of 5 Eureka stamps.  Update 4/9/14, 10:37AM PST: After Eureka read my blog post, they wrote to me and said they are happy to give me the 5 Eureka stamps--their "Comment "is below. Thank you, Eureka Stamps!   

There are directions on the winning post to the winners to fill out the form on the right side of the blog with your name, e-mail and message.  I did so on the day the challenge winners were announced, March 18 (I know this for sure because I also sent e-mails to my BFF and husband that I won the challenge and put the link in the e-mail and have the outgoing e-mail showing this). Because I did not hear from anyone from Love to Scrap within a couple of days, I filled out the form again.  Being persistent, days later I filled out the form for the third time and also went to the DT Coordinator's blog and found the same form on her blog, so I filled the form out on her blog, too. I stated that I was trying to contact them to claim my prize but hadn't heard from anyone about how to collect the 5 Eureka stamps and did not want to forfeit the prize!

After not hearing from anyone for almost 3 weeks, I left a note in the "Comments" section of the latest post on the Love to Stamp challenge blog.  When the DT Coordinator was reviewing the Comments (before posting them) saw my note (stating that I had filled out the form numerous times and hadn't heard from anyone and didn't want to forfeit my prize), she wrote to me and informed me that I had forfeited my prize because I did not contact them within the one week deadline. I was told that "the contact form on the challenge blog works fine...I receive messages from people other than winners regularly via the contact form so I know it works."

To test the form one more time, I sent another message at 4:03pm on April 7, through that same form, on the Love to Scrap! blogsite while we were conversing about me not being able to collect my prize. My comment on the form on April 7 at 4:03pm was:  "Is anyone receiving this?"  I contacted the Coordinator via her own e-mail address this morning to see if she received that message.  She responded to me at at 3:04pm on April 8 "no ma'am, I have not received any messages via the contact form...I check my spam folder daily and no messages...".

I understand that there are many people out there that don't follow-up with the challenges after they have entered. I'm not one of them. I'm a legal secretary by day who lives by calendar dates, and have a "pop-up" system on my computer for all drawing dates occur in the challenges I've entered. I didn't "miss" this challenge date, I did try to claim my prize numerous times. I don't lie, and I don't NEED 5 Eureka stamps so badly that I'd lie!  I think everyone has had their computer fail at one time or another to do a task we have programmed it to do. This was one of those times for me.

My warning to you all is:  any time you are required to fill out any form to claim your prize, do not trust the form. Also leave a note in the "Comments" section of the announcement where you are stated as the winner so that you have back-up proving you contacted the blog so you can get your prize if the form does not work.  CYA!


  1. Right on, Gail -- and I'll back you 100%, knowing you and your personality and how you handle things with such efficiency and honesty !! Since you got NO response back, how were you to know it hadn't gone thru cyberspace? So many sites get delayed in posting winners, or announcing the next challenge, and we're expected to be patient about it. Now, through no fault of your own, cause I know you emailed me right away in your excitement and claim a prize immediately, that you fulfilled their rules . . . and tried again and again, waiting for some response!! This is just not "fair" whatsoever and I hope they make things right with you . . .

  2. This is so sad and I am so sorry you have had to do all this and still not get your rightful prize. Hope the owner takes note of some of the comments and improves things. I personally think as usually there is only a small number of winners why email would not be better. Hey Ho always another time Love and Happier Crafting Hugs Carole x

  3. I have no problem at all honoring your 5 free digi-stamps at Eureka Stamps. We are not affiliated with the blog of which you are having the issue -- we were merely the sponsor for that challenge. I have not received any notification of this matter from the blog owner.

  4. Aw Gail I do feel for you. I know you are an honest person and I am sure your followers do too. Judy x

  5. So sorry to hear that an occasion that should have been a pleasant one turned out this way for you, It's nice to see the sponsor is sorting things out for you . Hope you enjoy your prize
    Hugs julie