Sunday, September 23, 2012

I wish, I wish, I wish....

I think LOTV may have designed this stamp after my two beagles. I've seen my two "kids" sit and stare at a box that arrives from their Aunt Lillian since, being beagles, they can smell food a mile away! I swear this stamp was designed after someone saw Bailey and Lucy sitting wishing for the box to pop open.  This collection is adorable if you love cats or dogs...just too cute!


  1. Thank you, Gail, for choosing me to be the recipient of this gorgeous card - as soon as I saw this stamp out, I knew it would be on your "to buy" listing, cause it also reminded me of Bailey and Lucy - are you SURE you didn't send LOTV a photo which gave them the idea ????
    This card is SO much more beautiful in hand - or should I say "handsome" - sparkles in just the right places, fab coloring and oh my, look at the frilly bow !! Thank YOU, my friend !!

  2. Oh Gail, i love this! What cuties they are! And I love the inside decorated too. Thanks for stopping by my Blog with such a lovely, much appreciated comment. Judy x

  3. This is such a sweet stamp and I love the choice of colours, very pretty card
    Hugs julie P