Thursday, August 2, 2012

To My Dearest Aunt in Florida

I love this Hanglar image. I've used her numerous times and I still adore her. She's wonderful to color and since it's so hot in Phoenix now, and for so many months a year, she's totally perfect in her sun suit.  I made this card for my dearest Aunt Nora who lives in Florida.


  1. This Hanglar gal is a real cutie, no matter what color you style her in . . . and I'm betting Aunt Nora fell in love with her and has her on display in a place of honor !! The orange is very striking and tropical looking, too - she'd fit in perfectly on the Florida beaches . . .

  2. awww, so sweet!! card is gorgeous and I love the color you used!!!

  3. This is very sweet, I love the colours and pretty image, I'm sure your Aunt will love it
    Hugs julie P