Thursday, August 2, 2012

A pretty little angel

My dear friend Vivi in Brazil has been waiting to move into her new home. Her patience level is much greater than mine!  I thought she could use a little "care package" so I made this card for her and enclosed some goodies in a little box so she had something to get her mind off the waiting to move.  I love this little fairy image and purple is Vivi's favorite color! Now that she's received the box that took a month to get to her, I can post this pretty little card. Thanks for looking at this post and I appreciate any comments or suggestions to improve my cards!!  Hugs, Gail


  1. Ah, I'm sure Vivi just adored this card - it's in her favorite color of purple . . . and if you're looking for insights into improving it, well, it's perfect just the way it is !!!! You're much too hard on yourself, m'dear . . . you could bring in the big bucks selling this on Etsy . . .

  2. I'm sure that Vivi will love this ,the colours are just beautiful, nicely done my friend
    Hugs julie P