Saturday, June 25, 2011

Digital Stamps!

I've bought my first digi stamps. Downloading is interesting for someone computer challenged. I experimented with this one fairy digi making her smaller then larger. I'm posting two cards; the top one went to Monica and the bottom one went to Lillian. Same image different sizes, same color combo, but different layouts.  It is a digital image from Wags 'n Whiskers.  Hugs, Gail


  1. Hey you did it!!!!!!! perfect!!!! beautiful cards as always Gail, and such pretty colours!! the bad news is....... now there are soooo many gorgeous digi's on the market... uh oh!!!! hide your credit card!! Lol!!!
    Jacqui P xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous image!!!!! I adore both of your fabulous creations.

  3. And believe me, since I have my precious card on display right beside me, it's MUCH more elegant than this picture can show you!! It's all gorgeously done - all the extras make it truly elegant - lace, gems, bow, flowers, butterflies, flowers, glitter and that added touch of "love", not to mention the pretty coloring - A #1 fine job on this card, Gail - THANK YOU !!

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG--can you hear me Gail?? My card is to die for!! Beautiful can not say enough about the card. The details --where do you look first? And the coloring--I need to snatch up your magic fingers!! Thank-you Gail for making my day--the card is awesome. You sure are setting a high standard for yourself with my card. Can you tell I LOVE it? Thanks Girlfriend!!!

  5. I'm catching the fever from you and Lillian---I forgot to mention how awesome Lillian's card is--the colors and coloring--you are making me jealous!! I wanna color like that too!! They are BOTH super fine, fantastic-- beautiful--I can tell all the time and love that went into these!!

  6. OMG... I have not left my comment for these cards!! sorry about that Sweetie...
    well, both cards are just outstanding!! I can't say which one I like best.. both are stunning, elegants... you did a terrifc job on them!!