Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Kitty Snowflake

This is an Elisabeth Bell stamp and just adorable. I started coloring this image the afternoon I gave away one of my kitties, Snowflake who sat on my craft table as I colored it. Snowflake was abandoned by someone in our neighborhood, found us and we slowly, but surely, got her to come in and out of the house through the pet door (like our other kitties and 2 beagles do) for food, water, and shelter. We thought it would take a little time for everyone to adjust to another sibling, but after 2 years we realized it's not going to happen. I found Snowflake the perfect home...with an attorney and his wife and their 2 little girls. Snowflake is a great kitty and is the queen in her new home. I sent this card to my dearest friend, Lillian, who understands the emotional time I had making this card.


  1. A "heartfelt" card, for sure - and once again, SO much prettier in hand than just a photo shows. I'm betting that Snowflake is feeling more like Morris the cat all the time - spoiled, pampered, and lord of all she surveys!!

  2. Such a sweet card!! The coloring is so stunning and your card is sweetly decorated and you can really see the hard work you put in to it!

    Thank's for joining our GDT call at the DigiBells! Best of luck!


  3. She's adorable, I love all the pretty details, very sweet. Good Luck with the DT Call
    Hugs Julie P

  4. Awhh Gail your story is heart warming and you did the right thing---snowflake has found just what you want her to have :) Your card is sooooo pretty and your friend will love it!!
    Thanks for entering the DB gdt call and good luck
    Mary lou

  5. wow, this is absolutely fabulous!! love your coloring!!
    fingers crossed for you on the DT call!!