Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Tim is dad to our 6 four-legged kids and they love their dad.  Every morning dad is taken for a walk by the beagles, who are sure to give him the proper amount of exercise.  Tim's also learned to open and close the back door whenever a kitty is waiting to come in or out since to use a "doggie door" is demeaning.  The kids are so proud of him and that he understands his role in the household...doorman, pooper scooper, personal fitness trainer, waiter...  Happy Father's Day, Tim!


  1. Hahahaha - at least Tim knows his place in life - I'll bet he got a real kick out of this adorable (excuse me, MANLY card). Love those brads for a guy. Super creation, as always, Gail !!

  2. LOL, Gail you always make me laugh! Wow, what a masculine, i mean a real Man card! The screw brads and the tool charm are very original. He must deserve this beautiful card.
    Hugs, Brigitte :)

  3. Oh you did give me a smile with this one, It reminds me of my dad, you definitely need to know your place with animals in the house, nicely done
    Hugs julie P