Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Koren!

I made this purple ladybug card for my friend, Koren, whose e-mail address is purpleladybug. I thought she'd like this, and although the ladybug looks very dark in the photo, it isn't as dark as it appears. hobby?  Thanks for looking at this card.  Hugs, Gail


  1. ahhh another beauty Gail!! I just know Koren will love it!!!! Hmmmmmmm I wonder did she have to wait 10days 12hours and 47.6mins Hmmmmmmmmmm!! Lol
    Much love
    Jacqui P xx

  2. How sweet is this - I'm sure Koren will just LOVE this card - so thoughtful to make her ladybug purple !! Great layout, coloring and what can I say but simply "fabulous" . . .